Virosmart VS-500 Fogging Machine Quick Start Guide

Follow these steps to begin fogging as quickly as possible. We recommend that you still refer to your user manual to ensure that you operate the machine safely.

  1. Prepare your disinfectant/pesticide. We recommend you dilute or prepare your spraying liquid as per the instructions in an external container. This is easier than mixing in the sprayer.
  1. Ensure fogging machine is not plugged in and then pour spraying liquid into fogging machine tank.
  1. Plug in the machine and turn in using the power switch on the handle. After a few seconds, the machine will start to fog.
  1. Adjust the flowrate and micron size using the dial on the front of the machine. Always refer to the instructions on the disinfectant or pesticide when deciding on which setting. If using Virosmart disinfectant, then set the fogging machine to 2 to achieve a particle size of 12 microns. See the table on the front of machine to determine other settings or see below.