A Family Run Business

Virosmart™ is a family run business born from a rich heritage. Starting off as farmers in 1934, the family moved away from farming in the 1990s to supply the equine and agriculture markets with medicines and foods supplements.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, we helped control the foot and mouth epidemic in 2001 and bird-flu pandemic in 2009. Virus outbreaks are no strangers to us!

From this experience, Virosmart™ was born and is now supplying equipment and disinfectant into many different markets. You can be assured we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the very best advice and products.


Virosmart™ is a trading name of Dars Management Co Ltd

Company reg no: 11947523
VAT reg no: 741839907


Email: sales@virosmart.co.uk
Phone: 01452 865255