What is ZoneRanger?

The ideal solution to allow you and your team to safely return to work. ZoneRanger is a wearable device that scans for other devices nearby, and alerts wearers when they get too close with an audible alarm, LED warning light and vibration. ZoneRanger can be worn on a lanyard around the neck, clipped to clothing, with a wrist strap or with the hardhat clip.

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How does it work?

The ZoneRanger device operates by transmitting wireless signals which are then picked up by other ZoneRanger devices. If the distance between 2 devices falls below the set distance (e.g. 2 meters) the devices will alert the user.

  • Audible, visual and vibration alerts.
  • Requires a RangerHub to charge and sync the devices. These come in 5 different sizes accommodating between 20 and 100 devices.
  • The set distance can be easily changed using the RangerHub at any time.
  • Accurate to 10cm.

Can the distance be updated?

The distance can be customised and re-programmed easily using the wall-mountable RangerHub, which also doubles as a charging and storage station for the devices. This means that the system is simply adjustable to meet new government guidelines.

The RangerHub

The RangerHub is an convenient storage and charging unit. This is an essential part of the ZoneRanger system. Available in a range of different sizes accommodating between 20 and 100 devices in a single unit.

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